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Anyone who imagines most job seekers have it easy probably hasn’t been out of work recently. Flickr/Florian Simeth, CC BY

Ten job seekers for every vacancy: welfare reality

IT turns out that the policies for under 30s in the budget were a precursor to a much wider set of changes affecting unemployed people across the board.


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hang_em_high - Mackay North

I thought it was only 5 to 1 But if u an LNP supporter there are plenty of jobs at the do something company i have yet to have an LNP supporter explain to Me what this get off your arse and do something company actually is or does If i ring tafe...

WASTE MANAGEMENT: Benaraby Waste Landfill.

Study warns councils not to spend cash held for Carbon Tax

COUNCILS have been urged not to spend the money raised to pay the carbon tax, after a study assessed how the tax repeal would affect local government.


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tstevens - Biggenden

So those councils that had 'free dumping' prior to the Carbon Tax, and who put a fee on dumping after the C T, do we assume that fee has gone now? What say you North Burnett Council. Are the tips at Biggenden and Gayndah free for residents yet? If...


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